About Us

About UsSmall Town Shoppers is the brain child of Shawn and Brenda, the owners of Blue Dock Media. We have been in the business of helping business owners for over 12 years. Being a small business ourselves, we understand the need of surviving in a corporate world.

The decision to do this magazine was another way for us to help small business owners compete with corporate America. We believe it is imperative that local shoppers know all the locally owned options they can shop at instead of the global elite mega stores filled with Chinese made goods.

We want to get back to products and services made in the USA. We love our country and want to keep it made in America as much as possible.

We realized long ago that when we shop at local stores owned by our neighbors, the money stays in our community and helps our neighbors thrive. When we shop at corporate stores our money leaves town and funds global agendas that do not help our community and many times do not align with our own beliefs.

If you want to make a difference, vote with your dollars! Every dollar you spend locally is a vote for the American way of life. Small business owners are the ones who sponsor little leagues and basket raffles, not big corporations.

So let’s all do our part and support them every chance we get.

Wishing everyone a wonderful spring from our beautiful homestead here in Buena Vista, TN. God bless America!