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The MagazineYour destination for discovering the heart of local commerce in your community. This magazine is our tribute to the small businesses that are the true essence of your town, offering you a gateway to the vast array of products and services right at your doorstep. With a dedication to bolstering the local economy, we aim to provide small business owners with a platform to showcase their offerings, standing tall against the tide of corporate America.

Each issue is packed with advertisements from local eateries, shops, service providers, and more, allowing you to explore the richness of our local marketplace with ease. It’s not just a magazine; it's a community builder, a statement of support for the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in our streets.

You can see our first issue below in a digital flip-thru book. Browse at your leisure, and find everything from your next favorite meal to services that make life simpler, all while supporting the local economy.

With each page, you're not just browsing; you're contributing to a vibrant, thriving community. Let’s make every dollar count. Let’s choose local, support local, and thrive together.

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